Kalonji Honey (Black Seed Oil with Honey Mix ) 10 gr 30 Sachet Box

New Kalonji Honey (Black Seed Oil with Honey Mix ) 10 gr 30 Sachet Box

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Health Benefits of black seed oil and honey. 

Black seed oil and honey both are rich in several nutrients. These both ingredients are well known in the cure of many diseases and are used for centuries.

Black seed oil which is also known as Kalonji oil is actually extracted from seeds of a plant named Nigella Sativa. Also known as black cumin and Kalonji. This plant usually found in South Western Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.  The black seed oil has been a cure for several diseases from centuries. It is used for health, hair oil, skin, and also in foods. As we know that black seeds are used in many food recipes like in soups, chicken and mutton dishes, sprinkled over bread or biscuits. Similarly, black seed oil is used in a small amount for giving a healthy touch to many recipes.

Honey is a dense liquid, sweetest in taste. It is an essence of all fruits and flower which are good for us. It is made by a honey bee by collecting nectar from many flowers. Honeybee store it in their hive. Honey has a good role to play if taken regularly 2 or 3 tablespoons. It maintains your fitness. It has also been proven a cure for many diseases as well.

Health benefits of black seed oil:

Black seed oil is extremely beneficial to reduce cholesterol level. It has some healthy fatty acid like linoleic acids and oleic acids which are much useful to control high cholesterol.

Many studies have revealed that black seed oil help to fight all type cancers. Black seed oil possesses Thymoquinone which regulates the growth of unnecessary cells.

Black seed oil also has antibiotic properties. Hence help in the eradication of all bacterial infections.

Black seed oil also helps in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Asthma is a breathing disease which also can be cured by black seed oil. It reduces the inflammation in the air canals.

Diabetes patients can have good results by use of black seed oil. This oil manages blood sugars.

Infertile men can improve their sperm movement and growth of sperms by use of black seed oil.

A study has revealed that black seed oil is a cure in the obesity patients. It is really helpful in weight loss.

Black seed oil is also helpful in allergic infections like itching and sneezing.

It is very effective for indigestion problems like stomach infection, constipation, and vomiting and provides relief to the pain caused by it. 

Skin and hair benefits of black seed oil:

 Black seed oil can also be applied to the skin and hair for better results. Here are some important skin and hair benefits of black seed oil:

Black seed oil has been proved really beneficial in the case of Acne. It diminishes the effect of Acne and brings the skin to the normal condition.

Use of black seed oil has been proved excellent to reduce the psoriasis plaques

Black seed oil has good results on breast pain. It can be applied to the areas of the breast pain.

Usually, black seed oil is used in all kind of moisturizers to take good care of the skin if apply with Olive or coconut oil.

As we know, black seed is an antibiotic, so helpful in reduction of inflammation and wound healing.

Eczema is also a skin disease which makes skin red and itchy; it can be cured by the use of black seed oil.

Black seed oil can also be applied on hair to soften them, make them shinier and grow them more.

Benefits of honey:

Honey has extensive benefits in our daily life. It is very useful for health purposes, skin ointment, and hair problems as well. Here are some uses honey in the cure of diseases and health purposes:

Honey has a very positive effect on weight loss. It burns our body fats and increases the rate of metabolism. If it is used by mixing two tablespoons in one glass daily then it has more effective results.

An important use of honey is to boost your memory. It gives power to the brain and makes it more relaxed. It contains white sugars which are used as starch by the body and brain.

It is a natural remedy of a cough and sneezing. It relaxes the muscles of the throat and reduce its irritation. 

Honey is also used as an antibiotic. It heals the wounds if applied on the wounded skin.

Honey can also be used as an exfoliator. Adding a small amount of honey to the water is really beneficial for dry winter skin.

It also plays a very important role in lowering cholesterol. Hence saving you from many heart diseases.

It is a cure for many skin disease in which Acne and Eczema are prominent. It is applied to the skin on the affected area.

It acts as a natural moisturizer. It is good for dry skin. Also, it is used as a cleanser and make skin very smooth. If it is applied on the loose skin, tightening effects can be seen in a few days.

Honey has a very good effect in indigestion and its related problems.

If honey is applied on hair, it provides multiple reliefs. It makes hair shinier, healthier and bring their natural color back. Also, it acts best on dandruff.

If a person is experiencing sleeplessness then honey can surely bring his sleep back.

It is a great source of energy and is also an anti-oxidant. It prevents the body from viral and bacterial infections. Hence make our immune system stronger.

All benefit in one Element

We have already seen that Kalonji is the second name of black seeds. So, Kalonji honey is an oil which contains a mixture of both black seed oil and honey. As black seed oil and honey have benefits which are enough to maintain a good health. Kolonji honey has the benefits of both black seed oil and honey. So it’s one product that can be used in place of both of them.

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