Ginger Lemon Honey 15gr 20 Sachet in Box

New Ginger Lemon Honey 15gr 20 Sachet in Box

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Natural Wild Honey with Dehydrated Ginger & Lemon juice Powder


Ginger has been used as a traditional medicine. It benefits will be more felt if ginger is combined with honey and lemon. Honey can adapt to all substances and become stronger in forming antioxidants.  Drinks from the benefits of ginger and honey with lemon are very suitable for diet and detoxification, when taking benefits of ginger and honey with lemon do not combine with drugs that contain chemical, alcohol, and soda. In addition to the product,  this is easy to use, it feels tasty too.. Squeeze the sachet into 100ml of warm water and stir & drink alternatively squeeze the sachet and drink

Health Benefits of Ginger and Honey with Lemon

  • Improves Heart Health.
  • Good for weight loss
  • Alkalizes Your Body.
  • Improves Mood And Concentration.
  • Helps Improve Liver Function.
  • Makes Your Skin Smooth And Flawless.
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Antioxidant Benefits.
  • Nausea And Vomiting.
  • Good for weight loss.                          
  • Boosts Immunity

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