Sanjeeevana™ Madhunashini Churna

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Unique combination of trusted herbs, that helps to manage healthy blood sugar.   

Quick overview:

Sanjeevana™ Madhunashini Churna Improve your body function. Madhunashini Churna made with trusted herbs that normalize blood sugar levels. This is your best solution for any metabolic challenges, aches, or body weakness you are facing. Sanjeevana Madhunashini Churna  is an immune booster, and can defend your body against unwanted viruses and diseases. It’s very ideal for healthy living. This product meets the international Food Safety standards. 


  • Help maintain healthy blood sugar levels naturally *                                       
  • Support stimulation of the body’s natural defenses.                                                                                 
  • Help to balance metabolic functions
  • Quick health solution for metabolic disorder
  • Highly Efficient Herbal Powder for boost immune System.


Madhunashini Churna       : 200 Gr Powder (3gr Spoon inside the Churna bottle)

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