Green Tea Extract 450mg- 60 Veggie Capsules

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Sanjeevana™ Green Tea Extract (450mg)- 60 veggie capsule(s) Un-flavored


Sanjeevana™ Green Tea veggie capsule contains 450mg of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis) Leaf Extract. Green tea has been proven to improve blood circulation and reduce cholesterol. 2013 review of numerous researches have shown that green tea prevent many heart problems, hypertension, congestive heart failure. Although some data indicate that ingredient that is actively present in green tea (e.g. EGCG) can help you lose a few pounds.

  • Polyphenols is a form of antioxidant taking out of Green Tea
  • Green tea uphold the heart and general well-being due to its antioxidant nature
  • Green tea speedily improve the rate of burning fat and it restrains the effect of ageing
  • It protects the cells from the harmful effects of toxins, contaminants and UV rays
  • It promotes the immune system.
  • Sanjeevana™ Green Tea Capsule is Vegan and vegetarian friendly. 

Sanjeevana™ Green Tea Capsule  : 400 mg, 60 Veg Capsules in one bottle.

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